Fresh Design

Only a true passion for art and design can bring you the latest and most innovative designs.


Creative Ideas

With a love of design comes a need for research and examining the latest trends in today’s competitive market.


Professional Skill

9 years professional experience using the latest and most often used programs has given me an edge that only years of dedication pushing personal limits can bring.


Customer Satisfaction

Creating art is a wonderful thing. Bringing joy to a client who sees their vision in front of them is even more wonderful.

A bit of background


I still remember the first time I discovered my love of art, I was five years old and I had just received a new dinosaur book for Christmas. I grabbed a pencil and did my best to draw the fascinating Tyrannosaurus Rex I saw on the page in front of me and I knew right then that that’s what I wanted to do with my life. I am not going to bore you with my life story but I will say that this path hasn’t always been easy. I grew up in a town that put an emphasis on sports and not art (my schools didn’t even offer art classes). This lack of educational opportunities has made learning different techniques more challenging, but thanks to a variety of websites I was able to teach myself the skills that I needed to become the graphic designer that I am today.

Here are some of my more recent works

Just in case you missed it here is another link to my portfolio

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